March 19, 2018
AP-01 Analog Processor

The AP-01 Analog Processor is a four-channel, non-multiplexed data acquisition interface to a National Instruments PXI-6115 A/D Converter. Four unity-gain differential line receivers are provided to eliminate common-mode problems arising from ground currents in the coaxial cables and differences in potential between the test cell and the Data Acquisition System chassis grounds. The unit provides a 68-pin D output connector for the SH68-68-EP Cable for interface to the National Instruments PXI-6115 A/D Converter. The AP-01 is powered by the PXI-6115. The unit provides four BNC input connectors for HiBand Preamp outputs. Individual single-turn pots are used to adjust for common-mode balance of each channel. A 19-inch rack mount is optional.  please call for pricing


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