March 19, 2018
CP-01 Capacitance Preamp

The Model CP-01 Capacitance Preamp is a small (3.75 x 1.5 x 1.5) box with internal electronics that measures the capacitance of a non-contact probe. The probe is installed in the front panel of the unit. One connector on the rear of the box is used to supply power (+/- 15 volts) to the unit. A second connector on the rear of the box provides an output signal, which the user can connect to a digital voltmeter or data acquisition system. The output signal is calibrated to 1 volt per pico Farad. Capacitance measurements stable to better than 0.0001 pico Farads = 0.1 fempto Farads = 100 atto Farads can be typically achieved with the CP-01. In thermally stable environments, measurements can be made to better than 0.00001 pico Farads = 0.01 fempto Farads = 10 atto Farads. Note that the digital voltmeter or data acquisition system must be able to resolve 0.1 mV or 0.01 mV in order to achieve these results.

The CP-01 and a target, such as a turbine engine blade, can be mounted on an XYZ positioning table. By accurately positioning the target in front of the probe, the capacitance vs target position can be determined.  please call for pricing

Standard Specifications (variations available on request)
         Gain 1 V / pF
Bandwidth 32 Hz
Power +15 V @ 25 mA
-15 V @ 10 mA
Frequency 1 MHz

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