March 19, 2018
Multi-Channel Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition System       
PXI-1000B Chassis/Power Supply       
Rack Mount Kit for PXI-1000B       
Power Cord       
PXI-8176, with Windows 2000       
PXI 8210 SCSI Interface       
NI Factory System S/W Installation       
PXI-6115 A/D with 16 MB FIFO       
SH68-68-EP Shielded Cable       
LabView 6.1 Full Development System       
Recommended Upgrades to NI Boards
512 MB SDRAM upgrade to NI-8176       
32 MB FIFO upgrade for PXI-6115       
Optional Components
IEEE1994 Fire-wire Interface SBS 2344       
Ext Hard Drive, SCSI, 10K rpm       

The above system can be purchased from National Instruments.
Call 1-800-IEEE-488 or visit:
Call: 978-422-8224 Email:
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